Most powerful dua for rizq


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Unique Assortment of Rizq ki dua 

The biggest collection of dua for rizq and success in your life.most powerful and fast working dua for rizq and success to solve your problems in daily life matters.

What is Dua

The Dua means to pray to god for your problem and to have full faith and believe that he will solve your before dua its important to tell god that he is the greatest of all and most powerful one in your own words and admire him or please him in such words that he grants you your wish,so there are many names and verses recommended for this pourpose,although you can use your own words which express your true feelings and then make dua for will get amazing results.Dua for rizq


Best dua for rizq:

Best dua’s for rizq which are recommended are which were taught to us by our holy prophet.the most authentic ones.So making fresh wudu will strengthen your if you want your rizq to increase then you shall say your chast prayers regularly in the following manner.

  • make fresh wudu
  • say chast prayer
  • recite durood sharif for 11 times at start
  • recite surah fateha 41 times
  • make dua
  • at last recite durood sharif again.

This will make your dua reach to allah in very strong manner and bring fruitful results .

Best dua for rizq

Powerful dua for rizq:

This is the most effective and result oriented way of making dua and have been personally tested and has very good results and the best thing about it is that it does not need much fallow the following steps to prform this powerful dua:

  • get the holy water(abe zam zam)
  • after fajar prayer stand towards kabbah
  • drink this water in three steps
  • don’t breath from your mouth while drinking
  • then make dua for rizq and success
  • rub your both hands on your face

now wait for some days and see it happen with your eyes.

powerful dua for rizq


Rizk me izafe ki dua:

If some one wants more rizq in form of land,property,health,money and wealth he/she shall perform this dua daily between fajr prayers sunnah and fard prayer.the results will be very visible after 2 to 3 weeks  but don’t stop until you have achieved the desired results.i will highly recommend that also teach this dua to all your family members.

“subhan allah wa bihamdihi subhan allahil azeem wabihamdihi astaghfirullah”

This was also proven from hadith so have guaranteed results.

rizq me azafe ki dua


Roohani dua for rizq:

This is a very strong roohani Dua for rizq and prosperity.The name of allah ”al-wahhab”has great powers for that purpose and when recited in the following manner gives unbelievable results.

  • say your isha prayer daily
  • select a suitable fixed time
  • and same place as key to success
  • clean place and clothes
  • read it for 11000 times
  • continue it for 41 days and last day write it on paper
  • keep that with you .

roohani dua rizq

Quranic dua for rizq:

The best powerful quranic formula for rizq is that when ever a person enters his house before that he shall recite

  • 1 time darood sharif
  • 1 time surah fateha
  • 3 times surah ahad
  • 1 time durood sharif

and then enters his house and say salam to the person in front or even if there is no one with house and see the miracle.

quranic dua for rizq

Rizq ki bandish ke dua:

If somebody has put bandish on rizq means that someone has put a curse on someone to make him poor or stop him/her from promotion then one shall perform the following dua wazifa for this purpose:

  • Take a big tub full of warm water
  • get the leaves of bare tree
  • now take a stick from same tree
  • now put leaves in the water and stir it with same stick
  • recite last four surah for 70 times blow in it

now the affected person shall take bath with that water for 11 or 21 days.The person will be cured very soon.

rizq ki bandish dua

Dua for rizq and money:

This is a special gift dua for house and money for someone who is poor and has perfect output.This may take some time but will definitely have to recite surah muzamil for 125000 times.the person can divide it into as much as he can read eaisly and when he will reach half of the way the ultimate results will start comming.

dua for rizq and money


Rizq ki dua in hindi:

This is a special dua mantra for hindu brothers and sisters.just once try it and tell me about the amazing outcome.recite this for 5000 times in 24 hours of time.continue it until desired results.

”shere ram chander jee”

Shall go to mandir every day while he/she is performing this dua.

dua wazeefa in hindi

Dua to allah for success:

The success in dua to allah entirely depends upon your faith and belief.God says i listen to each and every one it does not   matter whether he is muslim or non muslim.God loves each and every human being and listens to them.recite Allah’s name ”al mutakabbir al hayyu  al qayyum”for 1100 time before dua follow up with druood in beginning and at will be successfull in all your deeds.

Dua to allah for success

Muslim duas to success:

The very famous traditional dua which muslim usually make to god for rizq “”wallah khair ur razeqeen” has positive effects if one is eating halal food and praying 5 times a day.Then he shall recite the following verse for 41 times after each prayer and bow to allah and make dua with such a feeling full effort that his tears comes to his eyes,and god says if this emotional feeling appears in your dua,your wish will be granted or a better thing than that will be given to you.

Muslim duas to success

Barkat ki dua:

Barkat means to have such kind of wealth that even if its not enough it can manage your to do that reading surah quraish for several times a day will have lot of barkat in your rizq and give you peace of mind from the fear of getting poor or even from your enemies.Any one of any age can perform this dua from the family.

barkat ki dua

Karobar mein barkat ki dua:

To succeed in a typical business karobar when you open your shop,your restaurant, or any kind of business you shall perform the dua before entering and in the morning prayers:

  • read surah nasar for 141 times after fajr prayers
  • read durood in beginning and at last
  • blow it on water in a small bottle
  • add sandal or rose oi to water
  • keep it safe till you reach your shop

Now before opening the door of your shop again recite the same surah for 41 or even 11 times and sprinkle that water on each four corners of the walls and wait for brilliant results.

karobar me barkat ki dua

Business me barkat ki dua:

To promote your business first you have to work hard with your full will and use all the necessary means for that,then you shall perform this dua for best results because a man who can not help himself nobody can help him out.i mean you have to make physical effort and the make dua:

  • Recite surah rehman each morning
  • when the word ‘fabe aye alai rabba ki ma tukaziban”comes
  • point your four finger towards the sun at sunrise
  • read surah shams 11 times before and after
  • read 11 times durood at start and at last
  • continue it for 41 days

You will see its power when continued for 41 days and if you want extreme results do it for 120 days and you will be surprised with the results.

business me barkat ki dua

Rizq me barkat ki dua:

For barkat in rizk reading ”al-ghani”for 3125 times a day keeping a similar time and place will lead you to success and will have barkat in rizk coming from all four corners of the world,when you finish reading it blow it towards north,south,east,and west for quick results.

rizk me barkat ki dua

Barkat ki dua in english:

God ”allah” is same for everyone and is god of all creation in this universe in spite of religion and races and he says when people call me and make dua i listen to them separately,by this comes in mind the isme azam means the greatest name for dua to god “al-sami’ ”al basir” the one who listens and is watching every one at single time and has got this ultimate read these names of allah for 313 times or 1100 times after asar prayer and then make dua to allah and say””ooh allah oo god of all mankind who listens and grants to everone please help me and protect me as you are the listener and the watcher”.inshalla your dua will come true.

barket ki dua in english

Dua e barkat:

The prophet (p.b.u.h) said the one who will recite surah yaseen daily once in the early morning will have 70 wishes come true and he/she will have such a barkat in life that even small amount of wealth and money will full fill  his/her basic necessities of life.but shall pray 5 times so shall stay in god’s protection .

dua e barket

Dua e khair o barkat:

The best dua for kher is to make dua after jummah prayer as jummah is the king of all the days and this is the best time that when imam sits on the member and there is a time when he stops for people to make dua.that is the best time to gather kher o barket from allah and the one who goes early to the mosque on jummah the angles write his name with golden ink and save it for the day of judgement.

dua kher o barket

Dua for success:

The one who is looking for general success in life or is facing failures in life for whatever he does he shall perform this to get out of all the troubles and hurdles:

  • Recite surah muzamil for 11 times before maghrib same time
  • recite chal qaaf after magrib prayer sitting at the same place
  • then read 7 salams from quran
  • don’t talk to anyone until finish
  • don’t leave your place until finished

Do it for 41 days and then leave reading surah muzammil but chal kaaf and 7 salams will be your lifetime wazifa for success and no black magic or evil eye will affect you.this was the secret i revealed to you.

dua for success

Islamic dua for success:

The god has said if you want my ultimate help call people towards me so islamic way for getting your dua approved is that do good yourself and tell other people to do good that is the way for getting all your duas and wishes come true and more droodh and salat you will send on our beloved prophet the more successful you will allah has said that the dua not reaches and get approved until druood is part of it.

islamic dua for success

All the dua for rizq dua for success wealth job money visa  are best and true ,and are free for any one to use.if you have any questions just email me.