wazaif-wazaif for all your proplems

Wazaif-Wazaif for all your problems:

wazaif ka matlab ha wo amal jo ke kisi shakas ne apne tujrbe ki binha per koi amal khas traeeqe se phera ya pher wo wazaif jo hadees se sabit hon aur kisi khas matlab ke lie lie jai to un ko wazeefa kha jata ha.chai wo wazeefa hajat ke lie phera jai ya pher apne kisi bhi dene ya dunyawi matlb ke lie.kuch wazaif to sirf allah ki raza ke lie phere jate han jab ke baqi apne kisi zaroorat ke lie ya kisi bemari ko door kerne ke lie phere jate han.In wazeif ke buhat se aqsam han jin ke tafseel abhi aap pheren ge.

:The word (wazaif) means a special ritual which is preformed either spiritually or with satanic means to fulfill some need or just for the sake of religion.These rituals are either preformed by some one reciting a verse or mantra and after the experiment proven to be solution to a problem or are narated in hadith.so there are different types of quranic and satanic wazaif”s.

Types Of Wazaif:

1.roohani wazaif in urdu:

roohani se murad ha wo wazaif ha jin ka talaq rooh se ho aur rooh kio ke pak ha aur is ke gheza noor ha aur kio ke rooh allah ka amar ha aur in wazaif yani qurani surton ko pherne se rooh ko taqat milte ha ya allah ke kisi name ka bar bar wird kerne se us ke noori quwat hasil hote ha aur ye mokal kisi cheez ka name nahi ha.to is ka matlab ye hoa ke ye wo wazaif han jin se rooh ko taqweet milti ha aur allah ka qurab hasil kerne ke lie mukhtlaf roohani silsalon se is ko hasil kia jata ha.

:roohani wazaif means the one which are connected to your spirit and as the spirit is element of god so it gets healthy by reading different names of god and repeating them with concentration to gain inner peace.So there are several ways of developing these skills explained by different Sufism trends.

roohani wazaif

2.islamic wazaif in urdu:

ye wo wazaif han jo quran aur hadees se sabit han aur nabi swas ke mujazat me se han.yani ke jo aap ne kha aur sahaba ne us ko naqal kia wo hadees bun gi,To aap ne hamen sone se jagne tak ke tamam masail balke washroom jane tak ke masail se agha ki ha.leken aag hum peeron aur faqueeron ke bate hoe treeqon ko zaida pasand kerte han jab ke aap ne humen buhat he asan wazaif bate han jo her thara se guarantee shuda han.

:These are the one so called islamic wazaif which are taken from quran or hadeeth and were collected by shaba and formed into different ahadith which are miracle of our beloved prophet.These contain solution to all our problems from sleeping till waking up and for all the different problems which are faced during phases of life and have guaranteed soloution.

islamic wazaif

3.kala jadu wazaif:

Kala jadu wazaif wo han jin me satan ke madad le jati ha aur us he ki pooja ke jati ha,ab kio ke satan ka takhat pani per ha aur wo whan se apne jinnat ko bejta ha ke jo log us ke pooja kerte han un ki madad kere.satan ka qurab hasil kerne ke lie un ko mukhalataf kam kerne hote han jis me quran ki ihanat aur allah aur rasoolon ko bura bhala khene parta ha jis se wo satan ke sathe bun jate han aur wo beshamar jinn ko us ke khidmat per laga deta ha.

:black magic wazaif are those wazaif in which satanic aid is the main force behind the scourer and as satan has his kingdom over the seas from where he commands and sends jinn to kelp the magician who is preforming black magic wazaif,to get the satanic aid the magician has to do different things in return of satanic help,burning of quran,sacrificing animals,sex,and the bigger the sinner the more powerful his ,magic is.

kala jadu wazaif

4.hindi ke wazaif:

hindi ke wazaif wo han jin me mantra phera jata ha aur hindu mazhab ke jinnat se maddad le jate aur un ke pooja ki jate ha jis se kush ho ker wo amil ke madad kerte han.Is treeqe me bhi shirk waze hota ha.kali devi,hunoman,bhro wagara ko hazir kerne ke lie un ke bhent de jati ha aur mukhtalf kisim ki cheezon senduoor ,gulab ke phool aur buhat se cheezen duran amal in jinn ko kush kerne ke lie de jati han ,ye silsila khatam nahi hota amil ko kam lene per her dafa ye bhent dene hote ha.

:To call the jinn of hindu religion various wazaif are preformed in the name of there god and goddesses to get the favor from them,To obtain this favor different types of sacrifices are given to them to make them happy and get the desired results.So when a connection is made with a jinn by reciting a hindi mantra wazaif he has to be given the sacrifice when ever a favor is demanded.

vashikaran wazaif

Proper Way Of Preforming Wazaif:

The amil has to keep in mind the following rules if he wants to sucseed in this field and get the results which he wants,if he will not consider these facts he will never be successful in his wazaiefs and will have no results.

1.apne bister aur kapron ka khas khiyal rakhe(Take care of bed & bath):

Make sure that his clothes are very clean and no body shall sleep on his bed.He shall wear new clothes each day if he is using shalwar kurta ,and remember that his clothes shall have no drops of blood or urine on them otherwise he will suffer with illness.


He/she shall take bath each day and if a women is preforming a wazaif she shall not continue it in her menstrual cycle otherwise she can suffer from bad dreams,headache,and even swear body pains,which are then not cured by medical treatment.

3.ahrame libbas (White Cloth):

The dress which shall be worn should be according the color which is told in the ritual and has to be a new open cloth which is not Swed.This will bring the results very quick and after finishing the wazaif he shall keep it in the safe and wear the same next day.

4.riyazet o mehnat:

Hard work is the key to success.The same time and the same place is very important for the success,if he does not keep the key of time and placement then he will never succeed.

5.halal rozi(halal income):

The income shall be pure earned from hardship and good means,if the income is earned by fraud or unfair means then it may cause barrier.

6.hisar lagana.(Protection Circle):

The protection circle shall be made before preforming any of those and until the ritual or wazaif is completed the amin(person)shall not come out of the protection circle or the jinn may harm him or even kill him.

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