Essential wazifa for child problems

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Vital wazifa for child birth growth & upbringing:

Children are very delicate and need proper care love and guidance all through their growth education studies and uplifting.These are list of excellent wazifa for child birth pregnancy problems and has a complete collection from the beginning of child’s birth  and then his health also covers the child studies and educational matters.All the wazaif are described in detail so you can do it by yourself for the best results and are free to use by anyone.


wazifa for child’s birth:

The best wazifa for the couples which are facing problems and unable to have a child shall perform the following and recite Allah’s name

”al-musawar” in the following manner:

  1. read darood tanjeena
  2.  read surah fatiha 11 times
  3. read ”al musawer” 2100 times
  4. read durood again
  5. last read surah fatiha 11 times

Now take 7 ajwa dates and blow on it .First do this for 3 weeks and the when you wake up empty stomach ,both husband and wife shall eat a little bit.This will inshallah make them blessed with the child.

wazifa for child

wazifa for childless couple:

A childless couple who have tried all the medical treatment and are still unable to have a child shall do this wazeefa which was given to me in my dream by a sheikh and is 100 percent .Im revealing this secret so people can take full benefit from it.Get one kg ople and burn them to get its ashes.Now recite 11003 times ”ya khafez” ”ya rafah” and blow it on the ash.Couples shall eat a pinch with water when they wake this and please also inform me with its benfit.

wazifa for childless couple

wazifa for baby boy:

If you wish to have a baby boy by doing this vazeefa you will definitely have a baby boy,but start it from the first to three months of pregnancy.recitation of   fourth kalma 100 times after fajar prayer and 100 times after maghrib prayer .Now before sleeping your spous shall sleep with written same with saffron and inshallah god will bless you with a baby boy.

poerful wazifa for baby boy

wazifa for baby girl:

God bless us all by giving us beautiful children.He says in quran i give boy or a girls which ever i want.So if someone has a wish to have a baby girl then the couple shall perform the following ritual and by birth of baby girl blessing of the god may shower and make husband and wife relationship strong:

Things needed:

  1. a golden or a yellow paper
  2. green ink pen
  3. blue string
  4. incense rose sandal

Now take that yellow paper and write surah maryam with green ink pen till the end and infuse the paper with incense mentioned above.Now any one from the couple shall recite surah maryam and blow it on the paper daily for 14 days and tie it on the tree of some tree which bears sweet fruit.They will be blessed with a daughter.

wazifa for baby girl

wazifa for impotence:

If a man is impotent and unable to have sex then he shall do the following wazifa for the cure.May be its due to past child hood mistakes or any one has ties or cursed his sex power.he shall take 7 eggs of a black hen and write the last verse of surah tuba on the seven eggs with a black marker and recite the verse”hasbi allah ho la ilaha illa he aliye tawakal to”complete till end for 1100 times after isha prayers for 7 days and the next morning he shall smash it with pure honey and mix that egg do this every morning for seven days and if needed for 14 days.use only desi eggs of a black hen for this vazifa.

wazifa for impotency


wazifa for child  protection:

The best thing is to teach the protection wazeefa dua to your child but if he/she cannot memorize it and are to small for it write this wazifa on piece of paper seven times and then get it stitched in leather and put it on there right arm or in the neck,but best practice is to read it by yourself once after fajar prayer and once after maghrib prayer so it will keep your children,family,wealth and health completely safe.

DUA VAZIFA:”bismillahillazi la yuzuru ma ismhe shiun filarze wala fissamae wa hous samiul aleem”

wazifa for protection

wazifa for health baby:

This is an old remedy and was done by ancient arab people for having a health child by birth.Take seven almonds each day and mix them with olive oil and honey.The honey shall be pure and natural.Now read surah muzamil for 41 times over the almonds and blow them on to it.This shall be given to the pregnant women four times ,once a week till the baby is born.If she is having high blood pressure please consult your doctor before that.

wazifa for healthy child



wazifa to prevent miscarriage:

If some women is have continues miscarriage she shall immediately perform the following wazifa for successful and healthy birth of his child.This is commonly due to influence of a jinn in her body,when the jinn influences her the warm temperature of jinns   body makes the baby to be miscarriage.The jinn basically gets  into her body from the dirty pads or clothes containing menstrual blood on them.So one shall very carefully dispose them off as jinn eats them and cause lot of pregnancy problems and diseases.Now to remove this there is a proven remedy for this:

  1. Take seven pieces of thread
  2. join them in the form of a rope
  3. measure them as your height
  4. recite surah muzammil 41 times on each knot
  5. make 40 knots in total

Now one shall tie this around her abdomen until the baby has been conceived and delivered.

wazifa for miscarriage

wazifa for aulad:

The best wazifa for aulad is to pray to allah in tahajjud prayers which is the time late night after you sleep and wake up late night ,make fresh wudu and say 2 nafals and recite this name of allah name ”al bari” ”al musawar” ”al khaliq”for 11000 times between each of 2 nafals and complete this in 12 nafals .pray to allah after each time you complete your wazifa 1000 times ,if you can afford you shall give as much as you can give to poor and also ask them to pray for you to have a child.These names have special power for purpose of aulad and have lot of proven results.

wazifa for aulad

wazifa for child crying:

some couples have this problem that their child keeps on crying ,i mean babies do cry but some has a problem that they keep on crying and their parents are very irritant because of that,the best solution for that is to take a white paper and do this taweez followed by  this vazeefa ,this will make their parents relax and baby will stay calm and peaceful .Take a piece of white cotton cloth and cut it size of your paste it on a thin card and write the last 2 surah of quran and recite them 1100 times each and blow it on it.Do this on the day of friday and preferably new moon.when you are done wrap that card cloth and stitch it in a leather pouch with a soft rope.put it in baby’s neck or to be on safe side tie it on his arm.this will solve your problem.

wazifa for child crying


wazifa for child studies:

Wazeefa of surah ”alam nashrah” is has marvelous results for children studies ,if your child has a weak memory or he lacks interest in his/her studies then her mother shall keep her hand on his chest and recite the following surah for 21 times followed by durood sharif .by doing this daily at the time before kids sleep opens their mind and heart for studies.Plus if some child has mind weakness reading them on almonds and giving them to children helps cure their mind weakness.

wazifa for childs study

wazifa for disobedient child:

To control a disobedient child hold his hair from the front and reading the following vazeefa will make him/her obey you and respect you.this is very famous and have very good output.

”subhan allah sakherlna wa haza kunalahu mukernena illa rabina munqaliboon”

you can also blow this on the bottle of water for 1100 times and give it to your child .inshallah he will start listening to you and leave his stubborn attitude.

wazifa for sick child:

If someone’s child is sick from the birth or is very week and is not gaining weight ,this will make him healthy and make his sickness go away.take a pumpkin and cut it in two halfs,now write surah ahad on it with a knife and tie it with a string .now when you child is sleep ,read surah ahad  11 times on it and tie it on top of the place where he is the time will pass the pumpkin will start to shrink and child will start getting cured.

wazifa to cure sick child