what is a wazifa and how to perform it complete guidance

What is a wazifa ? | meaning of term wazifa

Lot of questions regarding what is a wazifa  and how to perform wazifa ? and how can it change our life so the following questions have been answered:

The Arabic term wazifa  means  to accomplish a mission with spiritual help, responsibility or daily ration and is commonly used to describe that a Sufi practice of focusing on the attention, by means of recitation or meditation, either on a particular Divine Quality in order to enable that caliber to be expressed more openly and more powerfully in one’s own daily life.So its important to know what is a wazifa before starting it.

This practice could be used to advertise the conscious progress and constant awareness of the Divine Qualities within an individual’s own life as a means of connecting to, and also being a vehicle, that the Divine Presence.

  • in case a peaceful person enters the room, a person may say, “It is amazing to find a peaceful individual.” The dervish, though, would say rather, “Isn’t it wonderful to see Divine Peace coming by means of this person?” What they mean with this is that the human personality has the potential to turn into the vehicle of this Universe’s archetypes. That is the Intent behind the practice of wazā’in Case… to Associate a Particular Grade in oneself to its source.lets continue and see what is a wazifa and its benifits.


  • A Typical wazīfa Training is, for example, to use the Beautiful Names as part of a daily spiritual practice by Selecting a Few the Divine Qualities which Appear to be lacking or out of balance in a Person’s life, and reciting each of the chosen qualities, such as yā-rahma, Yā-raheem, 33 or 99 occasions as an invocation, while intensely and firmly imagining and feeling the powerful reflection of those Divine Qualities in one’s own life experience.

How wazifa benefits our lives :

The benefit of reciting these phrases in a language that is foreign to most of us is there is a chance for them to convey higher forms of meaning that lie from scope of our language that is familiar.

If the Divine Quality is invoked in wazīfa practice that the prefix yā is commonly employed, which can be interpreted from the English expression “order”, indicating that one is predicting, or even invoking, the power and glory of that special feature. For example, reciting yā-nūr, as an invocation might be simply interpreted as O Light, but thinking more deeply about the meaning and the aim of the invocation will often awaken a deeper personal significance that may be something such as: O glorious Light of Divine Radiance, I humbly ask You to illuminate the route and show me the best way.

In this practice, thickness is more important than amount. The power of these words arises from the consciousness of one’s objective. Without heart-felt intent and deep longing for achievement, just repetition is meaningless.

Every one of the Names is a fall which has the entire ocean. Insha’allah (God willing) you will see the person who lives in the heart of each name. All of Production is the outward expression of This One Inner Presence.

Penetrate the heart of Only one drop of water, either
And you’ll be flooded by some hundred seas.

Before you begin studying a wazifa please browse these rules.

1- The main reason for which you’re performing a wazifa is right and based on shariah.

2- You have to read the wording together with proper pronunciation.

3- 5 instances salah is required for any wazifa to get the job done. Do not expect Allah to give you your appetite as you intentionally disobey his commands.

4- Your earnings has to be halal. Even if there’s 1 Pound/Dollar/Lira of all haram income no dua, wazifa or even ibadat may get the job done.

5- The place and time has to be the exact same daily. When there’s an emergency and you need to visit some other area then choose your musalla/prayer mat/ sajjade on that you browse your wazifa, alongside you personally.

6- You also have to maintain wudu at the same time you browse a wazifa. Your body and clothes has to be clean.

7- Men and women equally have to dress up in an Islamic manner through the wazifa. I mean throughout the whole period of this wazifa.

8- Even though studying a wazifa you have to be lonely in a space if at all possible. For specific wazifas it’s compulsory.

9- Even though studying a wazifa you can’t speak to anybody by gestures and nobody should disturb you or even divert your focus. Which means keep your cell mobiles.

10- For guys please don’t shave during the whole period of this wazifa. Shaving is splitting the sunnah of the Prophet and can be deemed a sin.

11- Even though studying a wazifa please utilize an ittar or some non alcoholic cologne.

12- If you’re performing a wazifa to observe the result on your dream, then you must sleep on the ground on a bed.

13- At least throughout the whole period of this wazifa don’t lie or perform rear bitting (gheybat) in all.

14.Do this after only or consistently before you begin a wazifa.

15- once you’ve begun a wazifa please don’t leave it at the center or receive dishearted. Should you nafs informs you that it does not function do not listen to him and also continue.

16- If the wazifa doesn’t operate at the given time frame please keep it till you get exactly what you would like out of Allah.

17.The Timeframe Differs FOR EACH PERSON.

18. You can’t do 2 wazifas in precisely the exact same time also for distinct hajat. . Be mindful about it. No two individuals can perform a wazifa to precisely the exact same hajat too. Just 1 individual can perform a wazifa, except for the King of wazifas no two.


Should you are doing a wazifa for somebody who isn’t doing 5 times salah, then wazifa won’t get the job done. Allah doesn’t take duas of almost any Muslim for another Muslim that isn’t doing salah.I have answered all the questions regarding what is a wazifa ,how to do wazifa and its benefits for individuals plus its affects on society.